Saturday, 18 August 2012

My visit to a literacy lesson

It's been a long wait, but finally here's a short video clip of the visit I made to the WLP class in Gulabgarh, where I was able to observe at first hand how the students of the project were progressing in their efforts towards achieving literacy and numeracy skills.

I was delighted and also moved when I saw this group of women doing something for themselves for a change, even if that meant reconciling their classes with babysitting for their grandchildren. Women never seem to stop looking after their families, so often forgetting to care for themselves.

I'm enthusiastic about this project and convinced that our efforts will help the women succeed in becoming literate, thus more independent and self-confident. The changes that take place in them will not only be for their own benefit, but also for that of their family and their community.

It was a true pleasure to share that short time with them and to check their notebooks too! 

Congratulations to these ladies - the students of the Women's Literacy Project, Gulabgarh!


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