Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kavita Parmar: the prosperity chain

We're glad to be back after a rather long recess with an interesting interview with an Indian fashion designer who fosters responsible purchasing through her collections of modern garments, wonderfully crafted by artisans from India and Spain. Click on the image below to watch the interview by RTVE.

Kavita Parmar is a fashion designer from India who currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain. She established the firm IOU which creates unique, modern garments - beautifully crafted products imbued in tradition.  IOU tries to connect the garment with the craftsman through what it calls the "prosperity chain" thereby fostering responsible purchasing.

Ms. Parmar provides work for several Indian cooperatives. "We use technology to connect the consumer to the artisans, bringing back that emotional connection between consumers and what they are buying. In this way we promote responsible purchasing because when we know how much work is involved behind the product we are buying, we value it more."

For Kavita, "India always means starting from scratch because India is like that. There everything is always possible… and then there's this enormous projection of colors, smells… it's intense… India stimulates all your senses… it's wonderful… it makes you feel again."

Exceptional women creating amazing projects that add
a human dimension and value to what they do.

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