Thursday, 3 May 2012

World Press Freedom Day

Today, May 3rd, is World Press Freedom Day. To mark this day, the WLP would like to share the following thought with its readers: " freedom plays a crucial role in the transformation of society by reshaping its political, economic and social aspects."

As members of a project that strives to achieve women's literacy in a country beset by illiteracy, we cannot afford to ignore the role of media literacy.  
What, you may ask is media literacy, also referred to as information literacy? According to the source cited below, "Being media literate is being able to think critically and to evaluate and analyze news and information; it is knowing how to access media from a variety of sources; and, it is being capable of conveying information through different media. It is the foundation of communications in a media driven society." Therefore, "media awareness is just as important for the students of today as understanding history and mathematics."

The women of Gulabgarh--our students--must strive towards literacy and numeracy, but this is only the first step.  Once these women are literate, they must be prepared to continue learning, to climb other equally important steps toward their own empowerment and one of them is to become media literate.


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