Sunday, 13 May 2012

We've just added a new resource to our blog page Women's Literacy: resources.

"Creating Authentic Materials and Activities for the Adult Literacy Classroom. A HANDBOOK FOR PRACTITIONERS" by Erik Jacobson, Sophie Degener, Victoria Purcell-Gates.

This handbook focuses on creating authentic materials that help students link classroom activities to real life situations. Students learn best when they are motivated to learn and authentic materials can be highly motivating.

In the case of the WLP students, we find that working with documents such as the ones proposed in the handbook would be especially encouraging. Some instructional objectives linked to these authentic materials could be:

Being able to read
  • food labels to discover ingredients for health/religious purposes
  • descriptions and even expiry date of prescribed drugs or first aid products
  • narratives for their own enjoyment or stories they can share with their children
  • informational texts to learn new information
  • newspaper articles to learn about topics such as testing, parenting, etc.
  • reports of test results to learn about child’s scores and performance
  • magazine health articles to learn about good nutrition for themselves and their family..." and so many more. 
Being able to write
  • a journal to record personal responses, thoughts, questions
  • a note to teacher to inform of a child's absence, request help for him/her, or other items of interest... and many more.
The publication is available on the National Center for Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) website. We've shared it on our resources page.

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