Saturday, 24 December 2011

Giving meaning to consumerism

A group of women from Gulabgarh—among them students of the W.L.P., accompanied by the project chairman—have set up a stand to exhibit their handcrafted designs at a 10-day-long craft fair in Jaipur, organized by the Rajasthan Rural Non-Farm Development Agency in association with the Indian Council for Cultural relations (ICCR). Craftsmen and craftswomen from 18 different Indian states signed up to participate in the event held at Jawahar Kala Kendra.
A growing awareness of the value of their traditions, culture and know-how are what led these women to set up a stand at the Jaipur fair. Back in their village, selling their hand knitted socks and other crafts will also help them to complement the family budget.
We hope that the W.L.P. has contributed in some way to the women’s appreciation of what they are able to design and create and in increasing their entrepreneurship and sense of worth.
The Gulabgarh group’s participation in the fair also demonstrates what initiatives such as the “comercio justo” (fair market) and others have shown: that it is possible to reconcile solidarity with consumption.

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